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Good days and bad days

In life, especially as a doctor, we’re going to have good days and bad days, and one thing I know for sure is we’re not going to know which is which at the time.   On the night of June 20, 2002, I was out drinking and decided to do a back flip off a […]

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The Two Ways to Make Paperwork Less of a Chore

Paperwork is always a chore but it’s critical to getting the doctor jobs you want. We have seen countless times doctors missing out on perfect placements because they didn’t provide the paperwork in a timely manner. How would that make you feel if the placement came up that met your career, financial and lifestyle needs […]

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BE EXCEPTIONAL Awards January 2017

Every month we want to acknowledge doctors, clinics and hospitals that we work with that have gone above and beyond in providing an exceptional experience.   Below are January’s winners:   AUSTRALIA   Doctor Dr Milton Ng – Milton is a very flexible long term locum of MedRecruit who excels at every hospital he works with. Milton […]

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Do I miss practicing medicine?

I got into medicine for the same reason as most doctors; to help people, and to make a difference. Over time I came to realise that while I wanted to help people and make a difference, practising medicine in doctor jobs wasn’t the way I wanted to do it.   I was far more excited about helping […]

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Making 2017 Count | Doctor Wellbeing

Every day I write out my major goals in the morning. The reason I do this is to ensure that every day I start by reminding myself what’s important, like doctor wellbeing, so I seize opportunities and take action in the direction of my priorities.   I run a number of companies that serve doctors […]

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Choosing the Right Doctor Recruitment Agency for You

There are many doctor recruitment agencies out there and doctors often get confused about how to pick the right agency to represent them. Perhaps a better question to ask yourself is how do you pick the best doctor recruitment agency that’s most aligned to your needs?   There are three things that you should think […]

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