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Understand the Doctor Jobs Market to Get the Work
You Really Want

For a doctor considering work it’s important to understand the market in both the public and
private sectors to give yourself the best chance of getting the work you want.

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5 Simple Steps You Can Take to Give Yourself an Advantage

For a doctor considering work it’s important to understand the market to give yourself the best chance of getting the work you want. Because you are in a competitive market it’s important to understand that you are in competition with other doctors and the great jobs, the most attractive roles, get filled fast.

1. Understand the market – what’s available for you, what you can earn

It’s important to understand where the work is, what differences there are between areas, where you can earn the most, the differences between the public and private systems and what limitations there are on you.

2. Give the hospitals what they want

Doctors are notorious at providing paperwork in a timely manner. This is great for you because a very simple and effective way to endear yourself to the hiring managers at hospitals is simply to give them the paperwork they want, when they want it. If your Recruitment Specialist asks for paperwork, give it to them quickly. Imagine missing out on the perfect role because you delayed giving them your CV?!

3. Be flexible

Don’t be flexible about what you want from a career, financial and lifestyle perspective, but the more flexible you can be on the job and location that can meet those needs the more options you will have. Give your Recruitment Profession the chance to surprise and delight you with what might be available.

4. Communicate well

When vacancies are released to market, the good ones get filled sometimes within 30 minutes. MedRecruit has a system to present you within 15 minutes of the vacancy going live, significantly faster than any other agency, but to do that we must know your up-to-date- availability. Stay in close contact with your Recruitment Specialist and keep them abreast of any chances in your plans so that if and when the perfect role becomes available, you are the first in line to get it.

5. Pick a single doctor recruitment agency to represent you

Given the competitive market we are in you might be thinking it’s a good idea to register with multiple agencies to increase your chances of getting work you want. That would be a mistake. We have surveyed and interviewed countless hospitals and the feedback is consistent – they hate having a doctor presented multiple times and they prefer not to hire those doctors.
Some of the feedback from hospitals is:
“It shows me that the doctor can’t decide, so I’ll be worried that they will cancel on us.”
“If they aren’t loyal to one agency then I don’t think I can trust them.”
“It’s such a pain when we receive a doctor’s CV multiple times, so I put it in the too-hard-basket and employ someone else.”

Remember, the people making the hiring decisions are incredibly busy and if something’s too hard they will likely walk away. The best thing is to do your research up front, check out the agencies available, and make a decision based on which one you think has the best chance of helping you get what you want.

Dr Shannon Price MedRecruit Doctor

Wagga was fantastic, you couldn't have picked a better job for me. I really wanted to say thanks so much! I'm going adventuring for 6 months and am able to do it all because of the team at MedRecruit. Deliriously happy, thanks for everything!"

So If You Want To

- Understand the doctors job market to target your job search
- Pick the right agency to make it easy
- Put yourself at the front of the line

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