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Registrar Jobs in Australia and New Zealand 

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Get to Know the Registrar Job Market in Australia and New Zealand to Get the Work You Really Want

For a registrar considering work it’s important to understand the market in both the public and
private sectors to give yourself the best chance of getting the work you want.

Registrar Jobs

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5 Simple Steps You Can Take to Give Yourself an Advantage as a Registrar in Australia and New Zealand

Registrars are in relatively high demand. So it is a perfect time to take advantage of this by concentrating on your career and progressing, however you may also want to use this period to take a break as many doctors exhaust themselves during this time. You could use this break to travel, to try things out, to take the pressure of your career and just breathe. Whatever route you take, it’s essential that you recognize the options that can give you the advantage to get the work you want. 

In Australia, there is a wealth of prospects for you as a doctor. From metro to rural, there is a massive range of opportunities for doctors seeking work. To make sure you give yourself the best chance of getting exactly what you want by picking an agency that operates throughout all of Australia. In New Zealand, there are plenty of ventures for you as a doctor. There is a substantial range of opportunities for doctors looking for work but generally there are more opportunities in the North Island compared to the South Island. There are many opportunities in New Zealand and to benefit from this you should chose an agency that operates nationwide.

1. Recognise the Registrar job market - what options there are as a Registrar and what you can earn

It’s important to know the differences between areas and what limitations are on you..

2. Provide the hospitals what they want

Doctors are famous for not finishing paperwork in time. By simply giving the hiring managers the correct paperwork when they want it, you will be giving yourself the advantage.

3. Flexibility

Be confident on what you want from your career financially and from a lifestyle viewpoint, but the more flexible you are the more options you will have.

4. Communicate well

Keep in contact with your Recruitment Specialist so that when your ideal role becomes available, you are at the front of the line.

5. Choose a single agency to represent you

Given how competitive the Registrar market can be, you might be tempted to register with several agencies to maximise your chances of getting work. That would be a mistake. We have surveyed numerous hospitals and the feedback is conclusive – they do not hire doctors that are submitted to them multiple times.

Dr George Lawson MedRecruit Doctor

The company is run by a registered physician, so right from the word go they knew and understood precisely what my needs were."

So If You Want To

Understand the Registrar jobs market to define your search
Pick the best agency to make it simple
Get to the front of the queue

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