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Orthopaedic SHO Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

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Figure Out the Orthopaedic SHO Jobs Market so You Can Secure the Roles You'll Love

For a doctor considering work it’s important to understand the market in both the public and
private sectors to give yourself the best chance of getting the work you want.

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How You Can Yourself an Advantage in the Orthopaedic SHO Jobs Market

The market is very crowded for Orthopaedic SHOs at the moment so it’s a very tough and time consuming point in your career, meaning it’s easy to become fatigued so you may want to consider taking the time to try something new. You have options that include working abroad, helping a remote community or saving some extra money by working as a locum doctor. Because the market is so saturated you need to know how to navigate this and get the work you want.

Australia and New Zealand have 115,000 doctors working between them which show how many opportunities there are for you as an Orthopaedic SHO in Australasia. You have the choice to work in metro areas or more remote areas where there is a demand for long term locum doctors. You may not have considered working in the private sector before but if you are financially motivated you can earn upwards of double what you might in an equivalent public system role. If you do the research you will see how much opportunity is available to you but to take advantage of this you will need to use an agency that operates all over Australia and New Zealand.

1. Understand how the job market can affect you as an Orthopaedic SHO

It’s great to recognise where there are opportunities for you to work, how working in different areas can affect you and how working in the private or public systems can limit or benefit you.

2. Keep your documents organised

Doctors are infamous for getting behind on their paperwork so it’s a great habit to get into early to keep your paperwork up to date. You can really benefit by being prompt with submitting any paperwork required of you during your job search.

3. Flexibility with roles

It’s great to know what you want and need from your career but as a junior doctor you may be limiting your options by being too ridged. By being flexible you can open up countless more options for yourself that you may not have considered before.

4. Communicate Promptly

If you have been offered a job but take a week or two to decide if it’s a role you would like, you may miss out on the job as the more desirable roles can be filled very quickly.

5. Use only one agency

If you use more than one agency then you may have your CV submitted for the same role multiple times which to the hospitals may seem like you are playing the field or may not be committed to the role which is why using one agency is the best way to maximise your potential options. When using one agency you need to ensure you are making the right choice so check how many roles are available on each agencies job search and ask around and see who other doctors can recommend to you.

Dr Lisa Clarke MedRecruit Doctor

MedRecruit has been great for us because they had all the contacts to find us a job that suited our needs, dealt with all the complicated bits, and are always friendly and approachable! If you are considering locuming, do it, you won’t regret it!"

So if You Want To

- Put yourself at the front of every hospitals' list
- Work with your own recruitment specialist
- Understand the Orthopaedic SHO jobs market

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