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Surgical SHO Jobs in Australia and New Zealand 

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If You Are Looking for Surgical SHO Jobs it Pays to First Understand the Market to Get the Work
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For a doctor considering work it’s important to understand the market in both the public and
private sectors to give yourself the best chance of getting the work you want.

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Simple Measures You Can Follow to Gain an Advantage When Searching for Surgical SHO Jobs

The market for Surgical SHOs is incredibly populated at the moment but you can use this as some extra encouragement to really buckle down and accelerate your career. Some junior doctors do find that they can really burn themselves out in this period of their career so you might want to consider trying something new for a while and earn great money by working as a locum doctor. It’s important to know how to get an advantage in the current market as it is so saturated.

Australasia employs 115,000 doctors so there is a mass of opportunity for you to work in surgery. There are options for you in permanent and locum roles with leading employers being NSW in Australia and the North Island in New Zealand, although there is plenty more work available in more remote areas where there is a reliance on long term locum doctors to provide a full workforce. If you are financially driven you may want to consider the options you have in the private sector where you can earn upwards of double than you would in an equivalent public system role. If you know how to take advantage of the Surgical SHO job market there are opportunities everywhere, so make sure you register with an agency that operates in all areas of Australasia to maximise your chances of getting the work you want.

1. Educate yourself about the market

You will really benefit from understanding the supply and demand of junior doctors. If you know how much you can earn and where you can work you will know exactly what limitations are imposed on you.

2. Make sure the hospitals have what they need

It’s valuable to start the habit early of keeping on top of your paperwork. If your Recruitment Specialist called you today and said they needed your references sent to a prospective hospital today could you do it? If you take a week to get your documents together the role could easily pass onto someone who is prepared.

3. Prepare to be flexible

Being flexible doesn’t mean you have to give up on what you need from your career, but if as a Surgical SHO you can be flexible with some aspects of your job search then you can easily add many more options to those you already have.

4. Have great communication

The better you can communicate with your Recruitment Specialist then it’s going to be less likely for you to miss out on great opportunities. If your agency doesn’t know that your situation has changed then you could be missing out on roles that are more suited to your new circumstances.

5. Focus on one fantastic agency

It’s logical to think that the more agencies that you are associated with then you more jobs will be available to you, but really joining one agency is the best way to do this. This might seem counterintuitive but after nearly a decade of working with hundreds of hospitals we hear the same things over and over again. Something that we have learned is that if a hospital received an application from a doctor multiple times they will ignore all of them and hire someone else. This is because they feel like you are playing the field and may not be reliable when it comes to start work. While looking for an agency you will want to find a company that has the most relationships and consequently the most jobs available to you.

Dr Caroline
MedRecruit Doctor

Locuming really opens your eyes to the other options out there, often options you didn’t realise existed. Plus it is a great way to travel, meet new people, experience different hospitals and specialties, and gain irreplaceable life experience and professional experience."

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