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This page is dedicated to helping our clients from hospitals and clinics across Australia and New Zealand to get the best out of working with doctor recruitment agencies when you need a permanent or locum doctor."

Dr Sam Hazledine Managing Director

The locum doctor market is really fragmented as there are simply dozens of permanent and locum doctor agencies out there to choose from, so how do you decide which one to go with? When you read about any recruitment agency, most will tell you that they're the most professional, the most diligent in their approach and that they know doctors better than anyone else. However the truth is no single locum doctor agency can truly claim these things, which is why almost every single hospital and clinic relies on a multitude of options when it comes to finding a permanent or locum doctor.

So How Do You the Best Out of Your Agency?

There are three really important things to consider when working with a locum doctor agency to get the best out of them and ultimately make your life easier when it comes to finding a permanent or locum doctor. These are:

1. Make sure you communicate really clearly about what you want from your agency and what information you want doctors to receive about your hospital or clinic

Taking this approach will increase the chances of getting the best match possible between the job you have and the permanent or locum doctor you hire.

2. Engage with your agency as soon as you know you have a vacancy for a permanent or locum doctor

Definitely don't wait until the last minute or casually flick them a really short email of what you need. If you make time to invest in your agency upfront the quality of your engagement will project itself into the conversations agencies are able to have with potential candidates about your jobs, and ultimately increase your chances of hiring the best people.

3. Learn how to effectively delegate the right parts of the recruitment equation to your agencies

So you can get as much off your plate as possible focus on the most important things for you such as on-boarding or roster management. This is especially the case when your agency has an established marketing department whose sole purpose is to find the best available doctors for the jobs that need filling.

How Do You Go About Choosing the Best Agency For Your Organisation?

If you’re not sure which agency to work with then you should probably choose a group of them to start with to learn more about how they operate and ultimately how they perform.
Some of the things you might like to consider include:

· Make sure your agency has an in country presence so they know their doctors and the local landscape really well

· Find out how big their database is and how open they are about sharing their candidate knowledge with you

· Review how strong their online profile is and how much effort they seem to be putting into their marketing – which is what will determine how many doctors they are able to attract

· You might also want to consider who actually runs the agency and what their focus is; i.e. are they just focused on recruit doctors? Are they run by a medical professional or are they more of a whole-sale recruitment business who just happen to have a medical recruitment team?

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Joanne Hall Practice Manager, Family Doctors Associates Ltd, Whangaparaoa

It's important to us to get the right person, with the right skills, with the right fit for our team. It's an investment and we were not disappointed."

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