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Tell Me About Finances


The three most effective ways to maximise your income as a doctor

It’s not just about what you make… learn what else matters to have more money at the end of the day


How do you create a sustainable financial plan?

Learn the single most important rule to ensure you create a financial plan that you stick with over time

How do I beat the market?

Learn one of the biggest mistakes that doctors make when investing to ‘beat the market’, and how to avoid it


What is the most important thing as a doctor when handling your finances?

Learn the single most important rule that needs to underpin all you do financially to ensure sustainable wealth

How do I pay the least tax?

Tax is your biggest expense. Learn how you can minimise it


How to choose an accountant

You need an accountant, right? Learn what to look for and how the common model that doctors apply is broken and costing the doctors, and how to overcome that

Learn the most important goal of investing

The goal of investing might not be what you think it is. Learn the most important goal that will ensure you never run out of money


How do I protect myself financially?

You can’t build a skyscraper without a solid foundation. Learn what you need to consider when building your financial foundations

Want to Learn More About How Best to Handle Your Finances as a Doctor?

MedCapital is a full service wealth management company for doctors. It is based on the core principal of ‘do no harm’, and applies it’s proprietary Exceptional Wealth model to Protect, Grow and maximise the Enjoyment of Wealth

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